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Who is Drum and Baste?

There are three partners in drum and baste. Oldest is Richard Campbell, he and partner Lindsey Hendry came up with the idea to create the business in the hope that it would give options to her two kids David and Jodie.

The next is Ben Rix he is partner to Lindsey's daughter Jodie and is full of enthusiasm to build on the potential of Drum and Baste, he has a great interest in the culinary art and sometimes has to be reined back in his development of ideas.

Finally we have David Hendry, Lindsey's eldest, is currently tied up with a 'proper job' but is still actively involved with the development side of Drum and Baste

What is Drum and Baste?

We have created our own hand built ovens, based around the 'Rocket Stove', and made from recycled Oil drums, we have developed an oven which is capable of extremely high temperatures and which we run at around 400 degrees Celsius. The rocket stove is well documented on the web and I am sure many of you will already be aware of its uses worldwide. It is one of our intentions to promote the rocket stove in any way we can to bring its astounding qualities to the attention of others. Our ovens contain a large amount of refractory material which allows us to run an oven very efficiantly, typically we will use one old style dustbin full of chopped seasoned wood in an eight hour session. This is far less than a standard pizza oven and when it is up to temperature it is maintained using little more than a couple of sticks every few minutes.

Having developed the oven for our own use we realised that we had something quite special on our hands. It was an obvious step to take them on the road and show everyone what can be done with a little ingenuity and effort.

Up to now we have been supplying our very special fresh artisan Pizza with which we have converted many 'Pizza non believers'. The subtle hint of wood smoke together with the fresh ingredients, our signature tomato base and the wood fired charring have to be experienced to be appreciated.

The future is looking good, every time we do an event we are fired up with new ideas, and not just our own. Very often we end up talking to people who have heard about the rocket stove and had ideas of their own about how it may be used. We have already developed some ideas ourselves. We have used our oven as a stove cooking up pans full of our tomato base, we have made space heaters to efficiently heat large areas with very little fuel, and we are developing a combination pizza oven and tandoor which will soon be bringing new delights to the attention of the public.

Check this out - a little promo video

Some nice words from private bookings

Just wanted to say a huge enormous thankyou for what you did yesterday. I can't tell you how well they went down. I'm sorry I didn't come out before you left, there was no stress, no mess everything was perfect and I couldn't recommend you enough to everyone

H B - Southport

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